Usage and insights in Azure Active Directory

With the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Usage and insights reports, you can get an application-centric view of your sign-in data. Usage & insights also includes a report on authentication methods activity. You can find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the top used applications in my organization?
  • What applications have the most failed sign-ins?
  • What are the top sign-in errors for each application?

This article provides an overview of three reports that look sign-in data.

Access Usage & insights

Accessing the data from Usage and insights requires:

  • An Azure AD tenant
  • An Azure AD premium (P1/P2) license to view the sign-in data
  • A user in the Global Administrator, Security Administrator, Security Reader, or Reports Reader roles.

To access Usage & insights:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal using the appropriate least privileged role.
  2. Go to Azure Active Directory > Usage & insights.

The Usage & insights report is also available from the Enterprise applications area of Azure AD. All users can access their own sign-ins at the My Sign-Ins portal.

View the Usage & insights reports

There are currently three reports available in Azure AD Usage & insights. All three reports use sign-in data to provide helpful information an application usage and authentication methods.

Azure AD application activity (preview)

The Azure AD application activity (preview) report shows the list of applications with one or more sign-in attempts. Any application activity during the selected date range appears in the report. The report allows you to sort by the number of successful sign-ins, failed sign-ins, and the success rate.

It's possible that activity for a deleted application may appear in the report if the activity took place during the selected date range and before the application was deleted. Other scenarios could include a user attempting to sign in to an application that doesn't have a service principal associated with the app. For these types of scenarios, you may need to review the audit logs or sign-in logs to investigate further.

Select the View sign in activity link for an application to view more details. The sign-in graph per application counts interactive user sign-ins. The details of any sign-in failures appears below the table.

Screenshot shows Usage and insights for Application activity where you can select a range and view sign-in activity for different apps.

Select a day in the application usage graph to see a detailed list of the sign-in activities for the application. This detailed list is actually the sign-in log with the filter set to the selected application and date.

Screenshot of the sign-in activity details for a selected application.

AD FS application activity

The AD FS application activity report in Usage & insights lists all Active Directory Federated Services (AD FS) applications in your organization that have had an active user login to authenticate in the last 30 days. These applications have not been migrated to Azure AD for authentication.

Authentication methods activity

The Authentication methods activity in Usage & insights displays visualizations of the different authentication methods used by your organization. The Registration tab displays statistics of users registered for each of your available authentication methods. Select the Usage tab at the top of the page to see actual usage for each authentication method.

You can also access several other reports and tools related to authentication.

Are you planning on running a registration campaign to nudge users to sign up for MFA? Use the Registration campaign option from the side menu to set up a registration campaign. For more information, see Nudge users to set up Microsoft Authenticator.

Looking for the details of a user and their authentication methods? Look at the User registration details report from the side menu and search for a name or UPN. The default MFA method and other methods registered are displayed. You can also see if the user is capable of registering for one of the authentication methods.

Looking for the status of an authentication registration or reset event of a user? Look at the Registration and reset events report from the side menu and then search for a name or UPN. You'll be able to see the method used to attempt to register or reset an authentication method.

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