What are Azure Active Directory workbooks?

As an IT admin, you need may need to see your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant data as a visual representation that enables you to understand how your identity management environment is doing. This article gives you an overview of how you can use Azure Workbooks for Azure AD to analyze your Azure AD tenant data.

With Azure Workbooks for Azure AD, you can:

  • Query data from multiple sources in Azure
  • Visualize data for reporting and analysis
  • Combine multiple elements into a single interactive experience

Workbooks are found in Azure AD and in Azure Monitor. The concepts, processes, and best practices are the same for both types of workbooks. Workbooks for Azure AD, however, cover only those identity management scenarios that are associated with Azure AD. Sign-ins, Conditional Access, multifactor authentication, and Identity Protection are scenarios included in Azure Workbook for Azure AD.

For more information on workbooks for other Azure services, see Azure Monitor workbooks.

How does it help me?

Workbooks are highly customizable, so you can make workbooks for any scenario. Public templates are added frequently, which provide a great starting point. Common scenarios for using workbooks include:

  • Get shareable, at-a-glance summary reports about your Azure AD tenant, and build your own custom reports.
  • Find and diagnose sign-in failures, and get a trending view of your organization's sign-in health.
  • Monitor Azure AD logs for sign-ins, tenant administrator actions, provisioning, and risk together in a flexible, customizable format.
  • Watch trends in your tenant’s usage of Azure AD features such as conditional access, self-service password reset, and more.
  • Know who's using legacy authentications to sign in to your environment.
  • Understand the effect of your conditional access policies on your users' sign-in experience.

Who should use it?

Because of the ability to customize workbooks, they can benefit many types of users. Typical personas that use workbooks are:

  • Reporting admin: Someone who is responsible for creating reports on top of the available data and workbook templates
  • Tenant admins: People who use the available reports to get insight and take action.
  • Workbook template builder: Someone who “graduates” from the role of reporting admin by turning a workbook into a template for others with similar needs to use as a basis for creating their own workbooks.

Public workbook templates

Public workbook templates are built, updated, and deprecated to reflect the needs of customers and the current Azure AD services. Detailed guidance is available for several Azure AD public workbook templates.

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