Tutorials for integrating SaaS applications with Azure Active Directory

To help integrate your cloud-enabled software as a service (SaaS) applications with Azure Active Directory, we have developed a collection of tutorials that walk you through configuration.

For a list of all SaaS apps that have been pre-integrated into Azure AD, see the Active Directory Marketplace.

Use the application network portal to request a SCIM enabled application to be added to the gallery for automatic provisioning or a SAML / OIDC enabled application to be added to the gallery for SSO.

Logo Application tutorial for single sign-on Application tutorial for user provisioning
logo-Atlassian Cloud Atlassian Cloud Atlassian Cloud - User Provisioning
logo-ServiceNow ServiceNow ServiceNow - User Provisioning
logo-Slack Slack Slack - User Provisioning
logo-SuccessFactors SuccessFactors SuccessFactors - User Provisioning
logo-Workday Workday Workday - User Provisioning

To find more tutorials, use the table of contents on the left.

Cloud Integrations

Logo Application tutorial for single sign-on Application tutorial for user provisioning
logo-Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console - Role Provisioning
logo-Alibaba Cloud Service (Role bases SSO) Alibaba Cloud Service (Role bases SSO)
logo-Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform - User Provisioning
logo-Salesforce Salesforce Salesforce - User Provisioning
logo-SAP Cloud Identity Platform SAP Cloud Identity Platform SAP Cloud Identity Platform - Provisioning

OneClick SSO

Logo Application tutorial for single sign-on
logo-8x8 8x8
logo-AcquireIO AcquireIO
logo-Adobe Identity Management Adobe Identity Management
logo-Aha! Aha!
logo-AlertOps AlertOps
logo-Amplitude Amplitude
logo-Appraisd Appraisd
logo-ArcGIS Enterprise ArcGIS Enterprise
logo-AskYourTeam AskYourTeam
logo-Atlassian Cloud Atlassian Cloud
logo-AWS Single Sign-On AWS Single Sign-On
logo-Box Box
logo-CakeHR CakeHR
logo-Carbonite Endpoint Backup Carbonite Endpoint Backup
logo-Cisco Webex Cisco Webex
logo-Citrix ShareFile Citrix ShareFile
logo-Concur Travel and Expense Concur Travel and Expense
logo-Deskradar Deskradar
logo-Displayr Displayr
logo-dmarcian dmarcian
logo-DocuSign DocuSign
logo-Dome9 Arc Dome9 Arc
logo-Drift Drift
logo-Dropbox for Business Dropbox for Business
logo-EasySSO for Bamboo EasySSO for Bamboo
logo-EasySSO for BitBucket EasySSO for BitBucket
logo-EasySSO for Confluence EasySSO for Confluence
logo-Ekarda Ekarda
logo-Elium Elium
logo-Envoy Envoy
logo-Evernote Evernote
logo-ExpenseIn ExpenseIn
logo-EZOfficeInventory EZOfficeInventory
logo-Foodee Foodee
logo-Freedcamp Freedcamp
logo-Freshservice Freshservice
logo-Harness Harness
logo-Help Scout Help Scout
logo-Hightail Hightail
logo-HRworks Single Sign-On HRworks Single Sign-On
logo-InVision InVision
logo-Jamf Pro Jamf Pro
logo-Kanbanize Kanbanize
logo-Kendis - Azure AD Integration Kendis - Azure AD Integration
logo-Knowledge Anywhere LMS Knowledge Anywhere LMS
logo-Litmus Litmus
logo-LogMeIn LogMeIn
logo-Marketo Marketo
logo-Meraki Dashboard Meraki Dashboard
logo-monday.com monday.com
logo-MyWorkDrive MyWorkDrive
logo-Nuclino Nuclino
logo-OneDesk OneDesk
logo-OpsGenie OpsGenie
logo-People People
logo-Perimeter 81 Perimeter 81
logo-productboard productboard
logo-PurelyHR PurelyHR
logo-RingCentral RingCentral
logo-Saba Cloud Saba Cloud
logo-Salesforce Salesforce
logo-SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication
logo-ScaleX Enterprise ScaleX Enterprise
logo-Screencast-O-Matic Screencast-O-Matic
logo-Slack Slack
logo-SmartDraw SmartDraw
logo-Soloinsight-CloudGate SSO Soloinsight-CloudGate SSO
logo-StatusPage StatusPage
logo-Tableau Online Tableau Online
logo-TargetProcess TargetProcess
logo-Teamphoria Teamphoria
logo-Terraform Cloud Terraform Cloud
logo-TextMagic TextMagic
logo-Timeclock 365 SAML Timeclock 365 SAML
logo-Upshotly Upshotly
logo-Velpic SAML Velpic SAML
logo-Wandera Wandera
logo-Watch by Colors Watch by Colors
logo-Way We Do Way We Do
logo-Whimsical Whimsical
logo-WhosOffice WhosOffice
logo-Wootric Wootric
logo-Workplace by Facebook Workplace by Facebook
logo-Workteam Workteam
logo-XaitPorter XaitPorter
logo-Yodeck Yodeck
logo-Zendesk Zendesk
logo-Zoom Zoom
logo-Zscaler Zscaler
logo-Zscaler Beta Zscaler Beta
logo-Zscaler One Zscaler One
logo-Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) Zscaler Private Access (ZPA)
logo-Zscaler Three Zscaler Three
logo-Zscaler Two Zscaler Two
logo-Zscaler ZSCloud Zscaler ZSCloud

Next steps

To learn more about application management, see What is application management.