Opt out of Verified ID service


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In this article:

  • The reason why you may need to opt out.
  • The steps required.
  • What happens to your data?
  • Effect on existing verifiable credentials.


  • Complete verifiable credentials onboarding.

When do you need to opt out?

Opting out is a one-way operation. After you opt-out, your Microsoft Entra Verified ID environment is reset. Opting out may be required to:

  • Enable new service capabilities.
  • Reset your service configuration.
  • Switch between trust systems ION and Web

What happens to your data?

When you complete opting out of the Microsoft Entra Verified ID service, the following actions take place:

  • The DID keys in Key Vault are soft deleted.
  • The issuer object is deleted from our database.
  • The tenant identifier is deleted from our database.
  • All of the verifiable credentials contracts are deleted from our database.

Once an opt-out takes place, you can't recover your DID or conduct any operations on your DID. This step is a one-way operation and you need to onboard again. Onboarding again results in a new environment being created.

Effect on existing verifiable credentials

All verifiable credentials already issued will continue to exist. For the ION trust system, they will not be cryptographically invalidated as your DID remain resolvable through ION. However, when relying parties call the status API, they always receive a failure message.

How to opt-out from the Microsoft Entra Verified ID service?

  1. From the Azure portal search for verifiable credentials.

  2. Choose Organization Settings from the left side menu.

  3. Under the section, Reset your organization, select Delete all credentials and reset service.

    Section in settings that allows you to reset your organization

  4. Read the warning message and to continue select Delete and opt out.

    settings delete and opt out

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