Convert data format of utterances


LUIS will be retired on October 1st 2025 and starting April 1st 2023 you will not be able to create new LUIS resources. We recommend migrating your LUIS applications to conversational language understanding to benefit from continued product support and multilingual capabilities.

LUIS provides the following conversions of a user utterance before prediction.

Speech to text

Speech to text is provided as an integration with LUIS.

Intent conversion concepts

Conversion of speech to text in LUIS allows you to send spoken utterances to an endpoint and receive a LUIS prediction response. The process is an integration of the Speech service with LUIS. Learn more about Speech to Intent with a tutorial.

Key requirements

You do not need to create a Bing Speech API key for this integration. A Language Understanding key created in the Azure portal works for this integration. Do not use the LUIS starter key.

Pricing Tier

This integration uses a different pricing model than the usual Language Understanding pricing tiers.

Quota usage

See Key limits for information.

Next steps