Document Intelligence query field extraction

Document Intelligence now supports query field extractions using Azure OpenAI capabilities. With query field extraction, you can add fields to the extraction process using a query request without the need for added training.


Document Intelligence Studio query field extraction is currently available with the general document model starting with the 2023-02-28-preview and later releases.

Select query fields

For query field extraction, specify the fields you want to extract and Document Intelligence analyzes the document accordingly. Here's an example:

  • If you're processing a contract in the Document Intelligence Studio, use the 2023-07-31 version:

    Screenshot of the query fields button in Document Intelligence Studio.

  • You can pass a list of field labels like Party1, Party2, TermsOfUse, PaymentTerms, PaymentDate, and TermEndDate" as part of the analyze document request.

    Screenshot of query fields selection window in Document Intelligence Studio.

  • Document Intelligence utilizes the capabilities of both Azure OpenAI Service and extraction models to analyze and extract the field data and return the values in a structured JSON output.

  • In addition to the query fields, the response includes text, tables, selection marks, general document key-value pairs, and other relevant data.

Query fields REST API request

Use the query fields feature with the general document model, to add fields to the extraction process without having to train a custom model:

POST https://{endpoint}/formrecognizer/documentModels/prebuilt-document:analyze?api-version=2023-07-31&queryFields=Party1, Party2, PaymentDate HTTP/1.1
Host: *
Content-Type: application/json

  "urlSource": ""

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