Developer portal templates

Azure API Management provides you the ability to customize the content of developer portal pages using a set of templates that configure their content. Using DotLiquid syntax and the editor of your choice, such as DotLiquid for Designers, and a provided set of localized String resources, Glyph resources, and Page controls, you have great flexibility to configure the content of the pages as you see fit using these templates.

For more information about working with templates, see How to customize the API Management developer portal using templates.


The following documentation content is about the deprecated developer portal. You can continue to use it, as per usual, until its retirement in October 2023, when it will be removed from all API Management services. The deprecated portal will only receive critical security updates. Refer to the following articles for more details:



This feature is available in the Premium, Standard, Basic, and Developer tiers of API Management.

Developer portal templates

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