Implement X-CSRF pattern

This article shows an Azure API management policy sample that demonstrates how to implement X-CSRF pattern used by many APIs. This example is specific to SAP Gateway. To set or edit a policy code, follow the steps described in Set or edit a policy. To see other examples, see policy samples.


Paste the code into the inbound block.

<!-- The policy defined in this file shows how to implement X-CSRF pattern used by many APIs. The example is specific to SAP Gateway.  -->

<!--	Detailed description of the scenario and solution can be found on: -->
<!-- -->

      <!-- CSRF-token only required for every operation other than GET or HEAD -->
      <when condition="@(context.Request.Method != "GET" && context.Request.Method != "HEAD")">
          <!-- Creating a HEAD subrequest to save request overhead and get the SAP CSRF token and cookie.-->
          <send-request mode="new" response-variable-name="SAPCSRFToken" timeout="10" ignore-error="false">
              <set-header name="X-CSRF-Token" exists-action="override">
              <set-header name="Authorization" exists-action="override">
                  <!-- forward authorization for csrf token fetch -->
          <!-- Extract the token and cookie from the "SAPCSRFToken" and set as header in the POST request. -->
            <when condition="@(((IResponse)context.Variables["SAPCSRFToken"]).StatusCode == 200)">
              <set-header name="X-CSRF-Token" exists-action="override">
              <set-header name="Cookie" exists-action="override">
                    string rawcookie = ((IResponse)context.Variables["SAPCSRFToken"]).Headers.GetValueOrDefault("Set-Cookie");
                    string[] cookies = rawcookie.Split(';');
                                /* new session sends a XSRF cookie */
                    string xsrftoken = cookies.FirstOrDefault( ss => ss.Contains("sap-XSRF"));
                                /* existing sessions sends a SessionID. No other cases anticipated at this point. Please create a GitHub Pull-Request if you encounter uncovered settings. */
                                if(xsrftoken == null){
                                    xsrftoken = cookies.FirstOrDefault( ss => ss.Contains("SAP_SESSIONID"));
                    return xsrftoken.Split(',')[1];}</value>

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