Quickstart: Deploy a web app with Azure App Spaces

In this quickstart, you learn to connect to GitHub and deploy your code to a recommended Azure service with Azure App Spaces. For more information, see Azure App Spaces overview.


To deploy your repository to App Spaces, you must have the following items:

Deploy your repo

Do the following steps to deploy an existing repository from GitHub.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Enter App Spaces in the search box, and then select App Spaces.

  3. Choose Start deploying.

    Screenshot showing button, Start deploying, highlighted by red box.

  4. Select an organization, repository, and branch from your GitHub account. If you can't find your repository, you may need to enable other permissions on GitHub.

    Screenshot showing required selections to connect to GitHub.

    App Spaces analyzes this repository and suggests an Azure service based on the code that's contained within the repository.

  5. Based on the framework or Azure service that App Spaces recommends, choose the appropriate tab for further instructions.

  1. Confirm the autoselected language, and Azure service, as determined by the code in your repository, as well as the default plan. If you want to choose a different service or investigate other options, you can select from Choose another language, Choose another Azure service, or Compare plans.

    Screenshot showing autoselected language, service, and plan in Define App Space details screen.

  2. Enter a name for your App Space.

  3. Select a subscription from the dropdown menu to associate with the deployed Azure resources, and then select the region that's closest to your users from the dropdown menu for optimal performance.

    Screenshot showing subscription and region selection menus for deployment to App Spaces.

  4. Select Deploy App Space.

App Spaces loads the components of your deployment.

Screenshot showing deployment in progress.

Your web application code deploys to App Spaces.

Azure Apps uses GitHub Actions to deploy your GitHub repo to the Azure resource. Go to your app's Deployment tab to see your code deployment logs.

Manage components

You can manage the components of your App Space from the Components menu, which provides information and options, based on the Azure service you're using to deploy your web application. Select the following tab associated with the Azure service.

The following table shows the tabs you can select, which allow you to view information and perform tasks for your App Space.

Hosting tab Actions
App setting Add an app setting. Enter Name, Value, and optionally check the box for Deployment slot setting. Select Apply.
Connection strings Add a connection string. Enter Name, Value, select Type (MySQL, SQLServer, SQLAzure, PostgreSQL, or Custom), and optionally check the box for Deployment slot setting. Select Apply.
Deployment View deployment name, status, and time for code deployment logs.

For more advanced configuration options, select Go to advanced view.

Screenshot showing red box around button, Go to advanced view for App Space.

You can also view the essentials for your Container Apps Environment and Managed Identities on the Additional tab. This view is hidden by default.