How to upgrade Application Gateway Ingress Controller using Helm

The Azure Application Gateway Ingress Controller for Kubernetes (AGIC) can be upgraded using a Helm repository hosted on Azure Storage.

Before beginning the upgrade procedure, ensure that you've added the required repository:

  • View your currently added Helm repositories with:

    helm repo list
  • Add the AGIC repo with:

    helm repo add \
        application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress \


  1. Refresh the AGIC Helm repository to get the latest release:

    helm repo update
  2. View available versions of the application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress chart:

    helm search -l application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress

    Sample response:

    NAME                                                    CHART VERSION   APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION
    application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress/ingress-azure    0.7.0-rc1       0.7.0-rc1       Use Azure Application Gateway as the ingress for an Azure...
    application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress/ingress-azure    0.6.0           0.6.0           Use Azure Application Gateway as the ingress for an Azure...

    Latest available version from the list above is: 0.7.0-rc1

  3. View the Helm charts currently installed:

    helm list

    Sample response:

    NAME            REVISION        UPDATED                         STATUS  CHART                   APP VERSION     NAMESPACE
    odd-billygoat   22              Fri Jun 21 15:56:06 2019        FAILED  ingress-azure-0.7.0-rc1 0.7.0-rc1       default

    The Helm chart installation from the sample response above is named odd-billygoat. This name will be used for the commands. Your actual deployment name will be different.

  4. Upgrade the Helm deployment to a new version:

    helm upgrade \
        odd-billygoat \
        application-gateway-kubernetes-ingress/ingress-azure \
        --version 0.9.0-rc2


If the Helm deployment fails, you can roll back to a previous release.

  1. Get the last known healthy release number:

    helm history odd-billygoat

    Sample output:

    REVISION        UPDATED                         STATUS          CHART                   DESCRIPTION
    1               Mon Jun 17 13:49:42 2019        DEPLOYED        ingress-azure-0.6.0     Install complete
    2               Fri Jun 21 15:56:06 2019        FAILED          ingress-azure-xx        xxxx

    Based on the sample output of the helm history command, the last successful deployment of our odd-billygoat was revision 1.

  2. Roll back to the last successful revision:

    helm rollback odd-billygoat 1