Customer spotlight

The following customers and partners have adopted Form Recognizer across a wide range of business and technical scenarios.

Customer/Partner Description Link
Acumatica Acumatica is a technology provider that develops cloud and browser-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). To bring expense claims into the modern age, Acumatica incorporated Form Recognizer into its native application. The Form Recognizer's prebuilt-receipt API and machine learning capabilities are used to automatically extract data from receipts. Acumatica's customers can file multiple, error-free claims in a matter of seconds, freeing up more time to focus on other important tasks.
Air Canada In September 2021, Air Canada was tasked with verifying the COVID-19 vaccination status of thousands of worldwide employees in only two months. After realizing manual verification would be too costly and complex within the time constraint, Air Canada turned to its internal AI team for an automated solution. The AI team partnered with Microsoft and used Form Recognizer to roll out a fully functional, accurate solution within weeks. This partnership met the government mandate on time and saved thousands of hours of manual work. Customer story
Arkas Logistics Arkas Logistics is operates under the umbrella of Arkas Holding, Türkiye's leading holding institution and operating in 23 countries/regions. During the COVID-19 crisis, the company has been able to provide outstanding, complete logistical services thanks to its focus on contactless operation and digitalization steps. Form Recognizer powers a solution that maintains the continuity of the supply chain and allows for uninterrupted service.
Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere is on a singular and unwavering mission to democratize automation by liberating teams from mundane, repetitive tasks, and allowing more time for innovation and creativity with cloud-native robotic process automation (RPA)software. To protect the citizens of the United Kingdom, healthcare providers must process tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests daily, each one accompanied by a form for the World Health Organization (WHO). Manually completing and processing these forms would potentially slow testing and divert resources away from patient care. In response, Automation Anywhere built an AI-powered bot to help a healthcare provider automatically process and submit the COVID-19 test forms at scale.
AvidXchange AvidXchange has developed an accounts payable automation solution applying Form Recognizer. AvidXchange partners with Azure Cognitive Services to deliver an accounts payable automation solution for the middle market. Customers benefit from faster invoice processing times and increased accuracy to ensure their suppliers are paid the right amount, at the right time.
Blue Prism Blue Prism Decipher is an AI-powered document processing capability that's directly embedded into the company's connected-RPA platform. Decipher works with Form Recognizer to help organizations process forms faster and with less human effort. One of Blue Prism's customers has been testing the solution to automate invoice handling as part of its procurement process.
Chevron Chevron Canada Business Unit is now using Form Recognizer with UiPath's robotic process automation platform to automate the extraction of data and move it into back-end systems for analysis. Subject matter experts have more time to focus on higher-value activities and information flows more rapidly. Accelerated operational control enables the company to analyze its business with greater speed, accuracy, and depth. Customer story
Cross Masters Cross Masters, uses cutting-edge AI technologies not only as a passion, but as an essential part of a work culture requiring continuous innovation. One of the latest success stories is automation of manual paperwork required to process thousands of invoices. Cross Masters used Form Recognizer to develop a unique, customized solution, to provide clients with market insights from a large set of collected invoices. Most impressive is the extraction quality and continuous introduction of new features, such as model composing and table labeling.
Element Element is a global business that provides specialist testing, inspection, and certification services to a diverse range of businesses. Element is one of the fastest growing companies in the global testing, inspection and certification sector having over 6,500 engaged experts working in more than 200 facilities across the globe. When the finance team for the Americas was forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it needed to digitalize its paper processes fast. The creativity of the team and its use of Azure Form Recognizer delivered more than business as usual—it delivered significant efficiencies. The Element team used the tools in Azure so the next phase could be expedited. Rather than coding from scratch, they saw the opportunity to use the Azure Form Recognizer. This integration quickly gave them the functionality they needed, together with the agility and security of Azure. Azure Logic Apps is used to automate the process of extracting the documents from email, storing them, and updating the system with the extracted data. Computer Vision, part of Azure Cognitive Services, partners with Azure Form Recognizer to extract the right data points from the invoice documents—whether they're a pdf or scanned images. Customer story
Emaar Properties Emaar Properties, operates Dubai Mall, the world's most-visited retail and entertainment destination. Each year, the Dubai Mall draws more than 80 million visitors. To enrich the shopping experience, Emaar Properties offers a unique rewards program through a dedicated mobile app. Loyalty program points are earned via submitted receipts. Emaar Properties uses Azure Form Recognizer to process submitted receipts and has achieved 92 percent reading accuracy. Customer story
EY EY (Ernst & Young Global Limited) is a multinational professional services network that helps to create long-term value for clients and build trust in the capital markets. Enabled by data and technology, diverse EY teams in over 150 countries/regions to help clients grow, transform, and operate. EY teams work across assurance, consulting, law, strategy, tax, and transactions to find solutions for complex issues facing our world today. The EY Technology team collaborated with Microsoft to build a platform that hastens invoice extraction and contract comparison processes. Azure Form Recognizer and Custom Vision partnered to enable EY teams to automate and improve the OCR and document handling processes for its transactions services clients. Customer story
Financial Fabric Financial Fabric, a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, delivers data architecture, science, and analytics services to investment managers at hedge funds, family offices, and corporate treasuries. Its daily processes involve extracting and normalizing data from thousands of complex financial documents, such as bank statements and legal agreements. The company then provides custom analytics to help its clients make better investment decisions. Extracting this data previously took days or weeks. By using Form Recognizer, Financial Fabric has reduced the time it takes to go from extraction to analysis to just minutes.
Fujitsu Fujitsu is the world leader in document scanning technology, with more than 50 percent of global market share, but that doesn't stop the company from constantly innovating. To improve the performance and accuracy of its cloud scanning solution, Fujitsu incorporated Azure Form Recognizer. It took only a few months to deploy the new technologies, and they have boosted character recognition rates as high as 99.9 percent. This collaboration helps Fujitsu deliver market-leading innovation and give its customers powerful and flexible tools for end-to-end document management. Customer story
GEP GEP has developed an invoice processing solution for a client using Form Recognizer. GEP combined their AI solution with Azure Form Recognizer to automate the processing of 4,000 invoices a day for a client saving them tens of thousands of hours of manual effort. This collaborative effort improved accuracy, controls, and compliance on a global scale." Sarateudu Sethi, GEP's Vice President of Artificial Intelligence.
HCA Healthcare HCA Healthcare is one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare with over 180 hospitals and 2,000 sites-of-care located throughout the United States and serving approximately 35 million patients each year. Currently, they're using Azure Form Recognizer to simplify and improve the patient onboarding experience and reducing administrative time spent entering repetitive data into the care center's system. Customer story
Icertis Icertis, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Icertis digitally transforms the contract management process with a cloud-based, AI-powered, contract lifecycle management solution. Azure Form Recognizer enables Icertis Contract Intelligence to take key-value pairs embedded in contracts and create structured data understood and operated upon by machine algorithms. Through these and other powerful Azure Cognitive and AI services, Icertis empowers customers in every industry to improve business in multiple ways: optimized manufacturing operations, added agility to retail strategies, reduced risk in IT services, and faster delivery of life-saving pharmaceutical products.
Instabase Instabase is a horizontal application platform that provides best-in-class machine learning processes to help retrieve, organize, identify, and understand complex masses of unorganized data. The application platform then brings this data into business workflows as organized information. This workflow provides a repository of integrative applications to orchestrate and harness that information with the means to rapidly extend and enhance them as required. The applications are fully containerized for widespread, infrastructure-agnostic deployment. Customer story
Northern Trust Northern Trust is a leading provider of wealth management, asset servicing, asset management, and banking to corporations, institutions, families, and individuals. As part of its initiative to digitize alternative asset servicing, Northern Trust has launched an AI-powered solution to extract unstructured investment data from alternative asset documents and making it accessible and actionable for asset-owner clients. Azure Applied AI services accelerate time-to-value for enterprises building AI solutions. This proprietary solution transforms crucial information from various unstructured formats into digital, actionable insights for investment teams. Customer story
Old Mutual Old Mutual is Africa's leading financial services group with a comprehensive range of investment capabilities. They're the industry leader in retirement fund solutions, investments, asset management, group risk benefits, insurance, and multi-fund management. The Old Mutual team used Microsoft Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition to provide the basis for automating key customer transactions received via emails. It also offered an opportunity to identify incomplete customer requests in order to nudge customers to the correct digital channels. Old Mutual's extensible solution technology was further developed as a microservice to be consumed by any enterprise application through a secure API management layer. Customer story
Standard Bank Standard Bank of South Africa is Africa's largest bank by assets. Standard Bank is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has more than 150 years of trade experience in Africa and beyond. When manual due diligence in cross-border transactions began absorbing too much staff time, the bank decided it needed a new way forward. Standard Bank uses Form Recognizer to significantly reduce its cross-border payments registration and processing time. Customer story
WEX WEX has developed a tool to process Explanation of Benefits documents using Form Recognizer. "The technology is truly amazing. I was initially worried that this type of solution wouldn't be feasible, but I soon realized that Form Recognizer can read virtually any document with accuracy." Matt Dallahan, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategy
Wilson Allen Wilson Allen took advantage of AI container support for Azure Cognitive Services and created a powerful AI solution that help firms around the world find unprecedented levels of insight in previously siloed and unstructured data. Its clients can use this data to support business development and foster client relationships.
Zelros Zelros offers AI-powered software for the insurance industry. Insurers use the platform to take in forms and seamlessly manage customer enrollment and claims filing. The company combined its technology with Form Recognizer to automatically pull key-value pairs and text out of documents. When insurers use the platform, they can quickly process paperwork, ensure high accuracy, and redirect thousands of hours previously spent on manual data extraction toward better service. Customer story