Streaming using HDInsight


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Ingest and process millions of streaming events per second with Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, and Apache Spark Streaming.

Potential use cases

Companies can use this solution to retrieve (or ingest) data from multiple sources and make real-time business decisions. Scenarios include:

  • Analyzing data from IoT sensors for quality detection, fault analysis, maintenance event prediction
  • Business integration of weather feed or sensor data (agriculture, retail)
  • Analysis of real-time stock market data (financial)
  • Analysis of current market conditions (insurance and finance)
  • Trend analysis over real-time sales (retail)


Architecture Diagram shows the flow of data through the different processes.

Download a Visio file of this architecture.


  • Streaming data is ingested, processed, and the results are stored by the following:
    • Apache Kafka for data ingestion
    • Apache Spark Streaming or Apache Storm for processing
    • Apache HBase, which is a NoSQL database, for the storage of analyzed results
  • The data is consumed by the user in the related apps.
  • The data is visualized in Power BI.
  • The data used by Azure HDInsight is stored in Azure Data Lake Storage for secure and scalable processing in the cloud.


Key technologies used to implement this architecture:


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