Limit Change Tracking and Inventory deployment scope

This article describes how to work with scope configurations when using the Change Tracking and Inventory feature to deploy changes to your VMs. For more information, see Targeting monitoring solutions in Azure Monitor (Preview).

About scope configurations

A scope configuration is a group of one or more saved searches (queries) used to limit the scope of Change Tracking and Inventory to specific computers. The scope configuration is used within the Log Analytics workspace to target the computers to enable. When you add a computer to changes from the feature, the computer is also added to a saved search in the workspace.

By default, Change Tracking and Inventory creates a computer group named ChangeTracking__MicrosoftDefaultComputerGroup depending on how you enabled machines:

  • From the Automation account, you selected + Add Azure VMs.
  • From the Automation account, you selected Manage machines, and then you selected the option Enable on all available machines or you selected Enable on selected machines.

If one of the methods above is selected, this computer group is added to the MicrosoftDefaultScopeConfig-ChangeTracking scope configuration. You can also add one or more custom computer groups to this scope to match your management needs and control how specific computers are enabled for management with Change Tracking and Inventory.

To remove one or more machines from the ChangeTracking__MicrosoftDefaultComputerGroup to stop managing them with Change Tracking and Inventory, see Remove VMs from Change Tracking and Inventory.

Set the scope limit

To limit the scope for your Change Tracking and Inventory deployment:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In the Azure portal, navigate to Log Analytics workspaces. Select your workspace from the list.

  3. In your Log Analytics workspace, select Scope Configurations (Preview) from the left-hand menu.

  4. Select the ellipsis to the right of the MicrosoftDefaultScopeConfig-ChangeTracking scope configuration, and select Edit.

  5. In the editing pane, expand Select Computer Groups. The Computer Groups pane shows the saved searches that are added to the scope configuration. The saved search used by Update Management is:

    Name Category Alias
    MicrosoftDefaultComputerGroup ChangeTracking ChangeTracking__MicrosoftDefaultComputerGroup
  6. If you added a custom group, it is shown in the list. To deselect it, clear the checkbox to the left of the item. To add a custom group to the scope, select it and then when you are finished with your changes, click Select.

  7. On the Edit scope configuration page, click OK to save your changes.

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