Limitations of Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL

This article describes limitations of Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL.


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Backup and restore

Enable automated backups. Include the --storage-class-backups argument when you create an Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server. Restore has been temporarily removed as we finalize designs and experiences.

High availability

Configuring high availability to recover from infrastructure failures isn't yet available.

Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities between Microsoft and its customers differ between Azure managed services (Platform As A Service or PaaS) and Azure hybrid (like Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL).

Frequently asked questions

The table below summarizes answers to frequently asked questions regarding support roles and responsibilities.

Question Azure Platform As A Service (PaaS) Azure Arc hybrid services
Who provides the infrastructure? Microsoft Customer
Who provides the software?* Microsoft Microsoft
Who does the operations? Microsoft Customer
Does Microsoft provide SLAs? Yes No
Who’s in charge of SLAs? Microsoft Customer

* Azure services

Why doesn't Microsoft provide SLAs on Azure Arc hybrid services? Because with a hybrid service, you or your provider owns the infrastructure.

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