Enable automatic upgrades of an Azure SQL Managed Instance for Azure Arc


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You can set the --desired-version parameter of the spec.update.desiredVersion property of an Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance to auto to ensure that your managed instance will be upgraded after a data controller upgrade, with no interaction from a user. This setting simplifies management, as you don't need to manually upgrade every instance for every release.

After setting the --desired-version parameter of the spec.update.desiredVersion property to auto the first time, the Azure Arc-enabled data service will begin an upgrade of the managed instance to the newest image version within five minutes, or within the next Maintenance Window. Thereafter, within five minutes of a data controller being upgraded, or within the next maintenance window, the managed instance will begin the upgrade process. This setting works for both directly connected and indirectly connected modes.

If the spec.update.desiredVersion property is pinned to a specific version, automatic upgrades won't take place. This property allows you to let most instances automatically upgrade, while manually managing instances that need a more hands-on approach.


Your managed instance version must be equal to the data controller version before enabling auto mode.

Enable with Kubernetes tools (kubectl)

Use kubectl to view the existing spec in yaml.

kubectl --namespace <namespace> get sqlmi <sqlmi-name> --output yaml

Run kubectl patch to set desiredVersion to auto.

kubectl patch sqlmi <sqlmi-name> --namespace <namespace> --type merge --patch '{"spec": {"update": {"desiredVersion": "auto"}}}'

Enable with CLI

To set the --desired-version to auto, use the following command:

Indirectly connected:

az sql mi-arc upgrade --name <instance name> --desired-version auto --k8s-namespace <namespace> --use-k8s


az sql mi-arc upgrade --name instance1 --desired-version auto --k8s-namespace arc1 --use-k8s

Directly connected:

az sql mi-arc upgrade --resource-group <resource group> --name <instance name> --desired-version auto [--no-wait]


az sql mi-arc upgrade --resource-group rgarc --name instance1 --desired-version auto