What is Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server


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Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server is one of the database engines available as part of Azure Arc-enabled data services.

Compare PostgreSQL solutions provided by Microsoft in Azure

Microsoft offers PostgreSQL database services in Azure in two ways:

  • As a managed service in Azure PaaS (Platform As A Service)
  • As a customer-managed service with Azure Arc as it is operated by customers or their partners/vendors


  • Manage PostgreSQL simply
  • Simplify monitoring, back up, patching/upgrade, access control & more
  • Deploy PostgreSQL on any Kubernetes infrastructure
    • On-premises
    • Cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure
    • Edge deployments (including lightweight Kubernetes K3S)
  • Integrate with Azure
    • Direct connectivity mode - Deploy Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server from the Azure portal
    • Indirect connectivity mode - Deploy Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server from the infrastructure that hosts it
  • Secure
    • Supports Active Directory
    • Server and Client TLS
    • System and user managed certificates
  • Pay for what you use (per usage billing)
  • Get support from Microsoft on PostgreSQL


Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server is the community version of the PostgreSQL 14 server with a curated set of available extensions. Most PostgreSQL applications workloads should be capable of running against Azure Arc-enabled PostgreSQL server using standard drivers.

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Follow these steps to create on your own Kubernetes cluster: