Azure Maps QPS rate limits

Azure Maps doesn't have any maximum daily limits on the number of requests that can be made, however there are limits to the maximum number of queries per second (QPS).


Azure Maps Gen1 pricing tier retirement

Gen1 pricing tier is now deprecated and will be retired on 9/15/26. Gen2 pricing tier replaces Gen1 (both S0 and S1) pricing tier. If your Azure Maps account has Gen1 pricing tier selected, you can switch to Gen2 pricing tier before it’s retired, otherwise it will automatically be updated. For more information, see Manage the pricing tier of your Azure Maps account.

The following list shows the QPS usage limits for each Azure Maps service by Pricing Tier.

Azure Maps service QPS Limit: Gen 2 Pricing Tier QPS Limit: Gen 1 S1 Pricing Tier QPS Limit: Gen 1 S0 Pricing Tier
Copyright service 10 10 10
Creator - Alias, TilesetDetails 10 Not Available Not Available
Creator - Conversion, Dataset, Feature State, Features, Map Configuration, Style, Routeset, Wayfinding 50 Not Available Not Available
Data registry service 50 50  Not Available  
Data service (Deprecated1) 50 50  Not Available  
Geolocation service 50 50 50
Render service - Road tiles 500 500 50
Render service - Satellite tiles 250 250 Not Available
Render service - Static maps 50 50 50
Render service - Traffic tiles 50 50 50
Render service - Weather tiles 100 100 50
Route service - Batch 10 10 Not Available
Route service - Non-Batch 50 50 50
Search service - Batch 10 10 Not Available
Search service - Non-Batch 500 500 50
Search service - Non-Batch Reverse 250 250 50
Spatial service 50 50  Not Available  
Timezone service 50 50 50
Traffic service 50 50 50
Weather service 50 50 50

1 The Azure Maps Data service (both v1 and v2) is now deprecated and will be retired on 9/16/24. To avoid service disruptions, all calls to the Data service will need to be updated to use the Azure Maps Data Registry service by 9/16/24. For more information, see How to create data registry.

When QPS limits are reached, an HTTP 429 error is returned. If you're using the Gen 2 or Gen 1 S1 pricing tiers, you can create an Azure Maps Technical Support Request in the Azure portal to increase a specific QPS limit if needed. QPS limits for the Gen 1 S0 pricing tier can't be increased.