Manage Azure Maps Creator

You can use Azure Maps Creator to create private indoor map data. Using the Azure Maps API and the Indoor Maps module, you can develop interactive and dynamic indoor map web applications. For pricing information, see the Creator section in Azure Maps pricing.

This article takes you through the steps to create and delete a Creator resource in an Azure Maps account.

Create Creator resource

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal

  2. Navigate to the Azure portal menu. Select All resources, and then select your Azure Maps account.

    A screenshot of the Azure portal showing the All resources selected in the Azure Services section of the page.

  3. In the navigation pane, select Creator, then select the Create button.

    A screenshot of the Azure Maps Account page showing the Creator page with the Create button highlighted.

  4. Enter the name, location, and map provisioning storage units for your Creator resource, then select Review + create.

    A screenshot of the Azure Maps Create a Creator resource page showing the Creator name, storage units and location fields with suggested values and the Review + create button highlighted.

  5. Review your settings, and then select Create. After the deployment completes, you'll see a page with a success or a failure message.

  6. Select Go to resource. Your Creator resource view page shows the status of your Creator resource and the chosen demographic region.


    To return to the Azure Maps account, select Azure Maps Account in the navigation pane.

Delete Creator resource

To delete the Creator resource:

  1. In your Azure Maps account, select Creator.

  2. Select Delete.


    When you delete the Creator resource of your Azure Maps account, you also delete the conversions, datasets, tilesets, and feature statesets that were created using Creator services. Once a Creator resource is deleted, it cannot be undone.

    A screenshot of the Azure Maps Creator Resource page with the delete button highlighted.

  3. You'll be asked to confirm deletion by typing in the name of your Creator resource. After the resource is deleted, you see a confirmation page that looks like the following:

    A screenshot of the Azure Maps Creator Resource deletion confirmation page.


Creator inherits Azure Maps Access Control (IAM) settings. All API calls for data access must be sent with authentication and authorization rules.

Creator usage data is incorporated in your Azure Maps usage charts and activity log. For more information, see Manage authentication in Azure Maps.


We recommend using:

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) in all solutions that are built with an Azure Maps account using Creator services. For more information, on Azure AD, see Azure AD authentication.

  • Role-based access control settings (RBAC). Using these settings, map makers can act as the Azure Maps Data Contributor role, and Creator map data users can act as the Azure Maps Data Reader role. For more information, see Authorization with role-based access control.

Access to Creator services

Creator services and services that use data hosted in Creator (for example, Render service), are accessible at a geographical URL. The geographical URL is determined by the location selected during creation. For example, if Creator is created in a region in the United States geographical location, all calls to the Conversion service must be submitted to To view mappings of region to geographical location, see Creator service geographic scope.

Also, all data imported into Creator should be uploaded into the same geographical location as the Creator resource. For example, if Creator is provisioned in the United States, all raw data should be uploaded via

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