Azure Percept DK and Vision device overview

Azure Percept DK is an edge AI development kit designed for developing vision and audio AI solutions with Azure Percept Studio. Azure Percept DK is available for purchase at the Microsoft online store.

Key features

  • Run AI at the edge. With built-in hardware acceleration, the dev kit can run AI models without a connection to the cloud.

  • Hardware root of trust security built in. Learn more about Azure Percept security.

  • Seamless integration with Azure Percept Studio and other Azure services, such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure Cognitive Services, and Live Video Analytics.

  • Compatible with Azure Percept Audio, an optional accessory for building AI audio solutions.

  • Support for third-party AI tools, such as ONNX and TensorFlow.

  • Integration with the 80/20 railing system, which allows for endless device mounting configurations. Learn more about 80/20 integration.

Hardware components

  • Azure Percept DK carrier board:

    • NXP iMX8m processor
    • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
    • For more information, see the Azure Percept DK datasheet
  • Azure Percept Vision system-on-module (SoM):

Getting started with Azure Percept DK

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