Microsoft.Storage.StorageAccountSelector UI element

A control for selecting a new or existing storage account.

UI sample

The control shows the default value.


The control enables the user to create a new storage account or select an existing storage account.

Microsoft.Storage.StorageAccountSelector new


  "name": "element1",
  "type": "Microsoft.Storage.StorageAccountSelector",
  "label": "Storage account",
  "toolTip": "",
  "defaultValue": {
    "name": "storageaccount01",
    "type": "Premium_LRS"
  "constraints": {
    "allowedTypes": [],
    "excludedTypes": []
  "options": {
    "hideExisting": false
  "visible": true

Sample output

  "name": "storageaccount01",
  "resourceGroup": "rg01",
  "type": "Premium_LRS",
  "newOrExisting": "new"


  • If specified, is automatically validated for uniqueness. If the storage account name isn't unique, the user must specify a different name or choose an existing storage account.
  • The default value for defaultValue.type is Premium_LRS.
  • Any type not specified in constraints.allowedTypes is hidden, and any type not specified in constraints.excludedTypes is shown. constraints.allowedTypes and constraints.excludedTypes are both optional, but can't be used simultaneously.
  • If options.hideExisting is true, the user can't choose an existing storage account. The default value is false.

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