Move networking resources to new resource group or subscription

This article describes how to move virtual networks and other networking resources to a new resource group or Azure subscription.

During the move, your networking resources operate without interruption.

If you want to move networking resources to a new region, see Tutorial: Move Azure VMs across regions.

Dependent resources

When moving a resource, you must also move its dependent networking resources. However, any resource that is associated with a Standard SKU public IP address can't be moved across subscriptions.

To move a virtual machine with a network interface card to a new subscription, you must move all dependent resources. Move the virtual network for the network interface card, and all other network interface cards for the virtual network. If a virtual machine is associated with a Standard SKU public IP address, disassociate the public IP address before moving across subscriptions.

If you move the virtual network for an AKS cluster, the AKS cluster stops working. The local network gateways can be in a different resource group.

For more information, see Scenario for move across subscriptions.

Peered virtual network

To move a peered virtual network, you must first disable the virtual network peering. Once disabled, you can move the virtual network. After the move, reenable the virtual network peering.

You can't move a virtual network to a different subscription if the virtual network contains a subnet with resource navigation links. For example, if an Azure Cache for Redis resource is deployed into a subnet, that subnet has a resource navigation link.

Private endpoints

The following private-link resources support move:

  • Microsoft.aadiam/privateLinkForAzureAD
  • Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts
  • Microsoft.Kusto/clusters
  • Microsoft.SignalRService/SignalR
  • Microsoft.SignalRService/webPubSub
  • Microsoft.Sql/servers
  • Microsoft.StorageSync/storageSyncServices
  • Microsoft.Synapse/workspaces
  • Microsoft.Synapse/privateLinkHubs

All other private-link resources don't support move.


A private endpoint should be in succeeded state prior to attempting to move the resource.

Next steps

For commands to move resources, see Move resources to new resource group or subscription.