Migration solutions for Azure VMware Solution virtual machines (VMs)

One of the most common use cases for using Azure VMware Solution is data center evacuation. It allows you to continue to maximize your VMware investments, because Azure VMware Solution will always be up to date. Additionally, you can enhance your workloads with the full range of native Azure services. An initial key step in this process is the migration of your legacy VMware-based environment onto Azure VMware Solution.

Our migration partners have industry-leading migration solutions in VMware-based environments. Customers around the world have used these solutions for their migrations to both Azure and Azure VMware Solution.

You aren't required to use VMware HCX as a migration tool, which means you can also migrate physical workloads into Azure VMware Solution. Additionally, migrations to your Azure VMware Solution environment don't need an ExpressRoute connection if it's not available within your source environment. Migrations can be done to multiple locations if you decide to host those workloads in multiple Azure regions.

You can find more information on these migration solutions here: