Move Azure VMware Solution subscription to another subscription

This article describes how to move an Azure VMware Solution subscription to another subscription. You might move your subscription for various reasons, like billing.


You should have at least contributor rights on both source and target subscriptions.


VNet and VNet gateway can't be moved from one subscription to another. Additionally, moving your subscriptions has no impact on the management and workloads, like the vCenter Server, NSX-T Data Center, vSAN, and workload virtual machines.

Prepare and move

  1. In the Azure portal, select the private cloud you want to move.

    Screenshot that shows the overview details of the selected private cloud.

  2. From a command prompt, ping the components and workloads to verify that they are pinging from the same subscription.

    Screenshot that shows the ping command and the results of the ping.

  3. Select the Subscription (change) link.

    Screenshot showing the private cloud details.

  4. Provide the subscription details for Target and select Next.

    Screenshot of the target resource.

  5. Confirm the validation of the resources you selected to move. During the validation, you’ll see Pending validation under Validation status.

    Screenshot showing the resource being moved.

  6. Once the validation is successful, select Next to start the migration of your private cloud.

     Screenshot showing the validation status of Succeeded.

  7. Select the check box indicating you understand that the tools and scripts associated won't work until you update them to use the new resource IDs. Then select Move.

    Screenshot showing the summary of the selected resource being moved.

Verify the move

A notification appears once the resource move is complete.

Screenshot of the notification after the resources move is complete.

The new subscription appears in the private cloud Overview.

Screenshot showing a new subscription.

Next steps

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