Connect a bot to GroupMe


You can configure your bot to communicate with people through GroupMe. This article describes how to create a GroupMe app using the GroupMe developers site and connect your bot to your GroupMe app in Azure.


  • An Azure subscription. If you don't already have one, create a free account before you begin.
  • A bot published to Azure that you want to connect to GroupMe.
  • A GroupMe account. If you don't have a GroupMe account, sign up for a new account.

Create a GroupMe application

  1. Go to the GroupMe developers site and sign in to your account.
  2. Create a GroupMe application for your bot.
    1. Enter a name for your application.
    2. For the Callback URL:
      • For a global bot, enter
      • For a regional bot, enter
    3. Enter the rest of the information requested.
    4. Agree to GroupMe's terms of use and branding standards.
    5. Select Save to complete creation of the app.

Get your app credentials

Copy the following information from the Details tab for your application:

  1. Copy your client ID. This is the value for the client_id query parameter in the Redirect URL. For example, if your redirect URL is, then your client ID is my-client-id.
  2. Copy your Access Token value.

Configure your bot in Azure

To complete this step, you'll need your GroupMe application credentials from the previous step.

  1. Open the Azure portal.
  2. Open the Azure Bot resource blade for your bot.
  3. Open Channels and select GroupMe.
  4. In GroupMe Channel Configuration, enter the information you copied in the previous steps.
    1. Under GroupMe credentials, enter the Access Token and Client ID for your GroupMe app.
    2. Optionally, enable direct messaging in the channel. For more information, see What is a Direct Message in GroupMe?
    3. Select Apply.

Additional information

For more about applications in GroupMe, see GroupMe's API Documentation.