Azure innovative solutions guide overview


This guide of innovative solutions provides a starting point for innovation guidance in the Cloud Adoption Framework. It's also available in the Azure Quickstart Center.

Before you start developing innovative solutions by using Azure services, you need to prepare your environment, which includes preparing to manage customer feedback loops. In this guide, we introduce features that help you engage customers, build innovative solutions, and drive adoption. For more information, best practices, and considerations related to preparing your cloud environment, see the Cloud Adoption Framework innovate section.

In this innovation guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage customer feedback: Set up tools and processes to manage the build-measure-learn feedback loop by using GitHub and Azure DevOps.
  • Democratize data: Data alone might be enough to drive innovative solutions to your customers. Deploy common data options in Azure.
  • Engage via applications: Some innovation requires an engaging experience. Use cloud-native application platforms to create engaging experiences.
  • Empower adoption: Invention is great, but a plan to reduce friction is needed to empower and scale adoption. Deploy a foundation for CI/CD, DevOps, and other adoption enablers.
  • Interact through devices: Create ambient experiences to bring your applications and data closer to the customers' point of need. IoT, mixed reality, and mobile experiences are easier with Azure.
  • Predict and influence: Find patterns in data. Put those patterns to work to predict and influence customer behaviors by using Azure-based predictive analytics tools.


For an interactive experience, view this guide in the Azure portal. Go to the Azure Quickstart Center in the Azure portal, select Azure innovation guide, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

Next steps:

This guide provides interactive steps that let you try features as they're introduced. To come back to where you left off, use the breadcrumb for navigation.