Azure migration guide overview

The Migrate methodology of the Cloud Adoption Framework guides readers through an iterative process of migrating one workload, or a small collection of workloads per release. In each iteration, you'll follow a process to assess, migrate, optimize, and promote to ensure that workloads are ready to meet production demands. That cloud-agnostic process can guide migration to any cloud provider.

This article guides you through a simplified version of the process to migrate from your on-premises environment to Azure.


For an interactive experience, view this guide in the Azure portal. Go to the Azure Quickstart Center in the Azure portal, select Azure migration guide, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

This guide is the suggested path for your first migration to Azure. It exposes you to the methodology and the cloud-native tools that are most commonly used during migration to Azure. Those tools are presented across the following pages:

In alignment with the best practices in the Ready methodology of the Cloud Adoption Framework, deploy a landing zone before you continue with this guide.