Business alignment for cloud modernization

Modernization is a business decision. The goal is to improve your technology so that your business can scale. Since business goals are the key drivers of modernization, it’s essential that your modernization efforts align with your business goals.

Diagram that shows the business alignment process. It shows the envision, evaluate, and commit processes ordered from left to right.

Diagram 1: Overview of the business alignment process

Definition of business alignment

Business alignment is the process of identifying your modernization motivations and creating a modernization roadmap around these motivations. It’s that simple. You identify specific motivations for each workload you want to modernize. The motivations determine what modernization strategy you take.

Business alignment process

The business alignment process is three steps. It helps ensure that your modernization journey leads to the most profitable outcome. These steps are logical and sequential.

  1. Envision your modernization possibilities – You align your modernization goals with the workloads that will help you reach those goals.

  2. Evaluate your cloud modernization readiness – You assess the financial and technical readiness of each workload you want to modernize.

  3. Commit to the modernization path you choose – You finalize your modernization roadmap for each workload and commit the resources required to make the mission a success.

These steps are actionable and give you a framework to align your modernization efforts and your business goals.

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