Assess your cloud adoption strategy

The Cloud Adoption Framework provides the Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator to help you assess your overall cloud adoption strategy. This assessment offers recommendations based on the cloud economics principles that can help your organization create a robust business case and enable a successful cloud adoption.

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Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator

Every cloud adoption journey is unique, and there's often room for optimization as you start to migrate your organization's services to the cloud. No matter what your situation is, it can be a challenge to build solutions the right way with minimum trial and error. Several cloud services and different on-ramps to cloud adoption are available to help you achieve this. Depending on which solution you're considering for your cloud adoption plan, there might be a dozen or more viable paths you can use to start building it. Microsoft Assessments make it easier to find tailored guidance to assist your organization in building or hosting your workloads in Azure with relevant SLAs. The assessments help you comprehensively assess the current state of your cloud strategy and close any gaps in your skill sets, stakeholder support, business KPIs and budget targets to ensure you have a successful cloud adoption journey.

The Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator assesses your strategy posture across distinct areas of the Strategy methodology:

  • Identifying motivations
  • Documenting expected business outcomes
  • Evaluating financial considerations
  • Technical considerations in creating a business case

Based on your responses to the assessment questions, we guide you in detail through the categories that are most relevant to your organization. We provide you with a personalized aggregate strategy score that's calculated and averaged across your uniquely identified strategy areas.

As you create your cloud adoption plan and document your strategy for stakeholder review, you'll also receive curated guidance that points to specific tools and templates, plus recommendations based on cloud economics and organizational alignment principles that provide a unified approach you can use to build your business case.

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Next steps

Understanding the motivations behind your organization's cloud migration can help you achieve more successful business outcomes. The following exercise helps you have a conversation about available options and, ultimately, create positive business outcomes.