Call automation metrics overview

Azure Communication Services currently provides metrics for all Communication Services primitives.

Where to find metrics

Primitives in Communication Services emit metrics for API requests. To find these metrics, see the Metrics tab under your Communication Services resource. You can also create permanent dashboards by using the workbooks tab under your Communication Services resource.

Metric definitions

All API request metrics contain three dimensions that you can use to filter your metrics data. These dimensions can be aggregated together by using the Count aggregation type. They support all standard Azure Aggregation time series, including Sum, Average, Min, and Max.

For more information on supported aggregation types and time series aggregations, see Advanced features of Azure Metrics Explorer.

  • Operation: All operations or routes that can be called on the Communication Services Chat gateway.
  • Status Code: The status code response sent after the request.
  • StatusSubClass: The status code series sent after the response.

Call Automation API requests

The following operations are available on Call Automation API request metrics.

Operation/Route Description
Create Call Create an outbound call to user.
Answer Call Answer an inbound call.
Redirect Call Redirect an inbound call to another user.
Reject Call Reject an inbound call.
Transfer Call To Participant Transfer 1:1 call to another user.
Play Play audio to call participants.
PlayPrompt Play a prompt to users as part of the Recognize action.
Recognize Recognize user input from call participants.
Add Participants Add a participant to a call.
Remove Participants Remove a participant from a call.
HangUp Call Hang up your call leg.
Terminate Call End the call for all participants.
Get Call Get details about a call.
Get Participant Get details on a call participant.
Get Participants Get all participants in a call.
Delete Call Delete a call.
Cancel All Media Operations Cancel all ongoing or queued media operations in a call.

Next steps

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