Azure Container Apps overview

Azure Container Apps is a serverless platform that allows you to maintain less infrastructure and save costs while running containerized applications. Instead of worrying about server configuration, container orchestration, and deployment details, Container Apps provides all the up-to-date server resources required to keep your applications stable and secure.

Common uses of Azure Container Apps include:

  • Deploying API endpoints
  • Hosting background processing jobs
  • Handling event-driven processing
  • Running microservices

Additionally, applications built on Azure Container Apps can dynamically scale based on the following characteristics:

Example scenarios for Azure Container Apps.

To begin working with Container Apps, select the description that best describes your situation.

Description Resource
I'm new to containers Start here if you have yet to build your first container but are curious how containers can serve your development needs. Learn more about containers
I'm using serverless containers Container Apps provides automatic scaling, reduces operational complexity, and allows you to focus on your application rather than infrastructure.

Start here if you're interested in the management, scalability, and pay-per-use features of cloud computing.
Learn more about serverless containers


With Azure Container Apps, you can:

1 Applications that scale on CPU or memory load can't scale to zero.

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