Compliance in Azure Cosmos DB

APPLIES TO: NoSQL MongoDB Cassandra Gremlin Table

Azure Cosmos DB is available in all Azure regions. Microsoft makes the following Azure cloud environments available to customers:

  • Azure is available globally. It is sometimes referred to as Azure commercial, Azure public, or Azure global.
  • Azure China is available through a unique partnership between Microsoft and 21Vianet, one of the country‚Äôs largest Internet providers.
  • Azure Government is available from five regions in the United States to US government agencies and their partners. Two regions (US DoD Central and US DoD East) are reserved for exclusive use by the US Department of Defense.
  • Azure Government Secret is available from three regions exclusively for the needs of US Government and designed to accommodate classified Secret workloads and native connectivity to classified networks.
  • Azure Government Top Secret serves the national security mission and empowers leaders across the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), and Federal Civilian agencies to process national security workloads classified at the US Top Secret level.

To help you meet your own compliance obligations across regulated industries and markets worldwide, Azure maintains the largest compliance portfolio in the industry both in terms of breadth (total number of compliance offerings) and depth (number of customer-facing services in assessment scope). For service availability, see Products available by region.

Azure compliance offerings are grouped into four segments - globally applicable, US Government, industry specific, and region/country specific. Compliance offerings are based on various types of assurances, including formal certifications, attestations, validations, authorizations, and assessments produced by independent third-party auditing firms, as well as contractual amendments, self-assessments, and customer guidance documents produced by Microsoft.

Azure Cosmos DB certifications

To find out the latest compliance certifications for Azure Cosmos DB, see Microsoft Azure Compliance offerings, Appendix A & B.

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