Find a reservation purchaser from Azure logs

This article helps find a reservation purchaser with information from your directory logs. The directory logs from Azure Monitor shows the email IDs of users that made reservation purchases.

Find the purchaser

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Navigate to Monitor > Activity Log > Activity.
    Screenshot showing navigation to Activity log - Activity.
  3. Select Directory Activity. If you see a message stating You need permission to view directory-level logs, select the link to learn how to get permissions.
    Screenshot showing Directory Activity without permission to view the log.
  4. Once you have permission, filter Tenant Resource Provider with Microsoft.Capacity. You should see all reservation-related events for the selected time span. If needed, change the time span.
    Screenshot showing the user that purchased the reservation. If necessary, you might need to Edit columns to select Event initiated by. The user who made the reservation purchase is shown under Event initiated by.

Next steps