Error Messages

A list of error messages one encounters in CycleCloud

Staging Resources

Resource group {GROUP} for restricted credential does not exist

Error creating resource group {GROUP} for credential

Failed to register Azure providers

Staging Resources (urlopen error [Errno 104] Socket closed)

Staging Resources (Unable to determine AccessKey for URL)

Staging Resources (pogo.exceptions.FrameworkError: 'az://.../blobs' is not a directory)

Staging Resources (pogo.exceptions.FrameworkError: Cannot sync from directory to file!)

Staging resources (No JSON object could be decoded)

Staging resources (Azure account credentials are not valid)

Acquiring Resources from Azure

Validating nodes (Credentials not found)

Creating network interface (Failure creating network interface for node)

Failed to create load balancer for cell

Failed to create Public IP for cell

Failed to create network interface for node

Failed to create Network Security Group for node

Failed to create Public IP for node

Creating Virtual Machine (User failed validation to purchase resources)

Creating Virtual Machine (The requested VM size {Standard_X} is not available in the current region)

Updating Scaleset (Operation Not Allowed)

This node does not match existing scaleset attributes

VM Booting and Configuration

Timeout awaiting system boot-up (node connectivity)

Timeout awaiting system boot-up (storage account)

Timed out connecting to CycleCloud

Connection refused to CycleCloud through return-proxy tunnel

Unable to setup return proxy

Timed out waiting for return proxy

Error Configuring Software

Unknown configuration status returned

Unable to execute command

Error resolving Chef cookbooks



Multiple errors resolving Chef cookbooks

{error} while executing {script} in project

Failed to execute cluster-init script {script} in project

Detected corrupt RPM database, rebuilding...

Scheduler Configuration

Unable to execute command /usr/bin/systemctl --system start slurmd (exit code 1)