Clear schema cache for streaming ingestion

Cluster nodes cache schema of the databases that receive data via streaming ingestion. This process optimizes performance and utilization of cluster resources, but can cause propagation delays when the schema change. Clear the cache to guarantee that subsequent streaming ingestion requests incorporate database or table schema changes. For more information, see Streaming ingestion and schema changes.

Clear schema cache

The .clear cache streamingingestion schema command flushes cached schema from all cluster nodes.


.clear table <table name> cache streamingingestion schema

.clear database cache streamingingestion schema


This command returns a table with the following columns:

Column Type Description
NodeId string Identifier of the cluster node
Status string Succeeded/Failed


.clear database cache streamingingestion schema

.clear table T1 cache streamingingestion schema
NodeId Status
Node1 Succeeded
Node2 Failed


If the command fails or one of the rows in the returned table contains Status=Failed the command can be safely retried.