Debug issues with the SAP CDC connector by sending self-hosted integration runtime logs

APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics

If you want Microsoft to debug Azure Data Factory issues with your SAP CDC connector, send us your self-hosted integration runtime logs, and then contact us.

Send logs to Microsoft

  1. On the computer running the self-hosted integration runtime, open Microsoft Integration Runtime Configuration Manager.

  2. Select the Diagnostics tab. Under Logging, select Send logs.

    Screenshot of the Integration Runtime Configuration Manager Diagnostics tab, with Send logs highlighted.

  3. Enter or select the information that's requested, and then select Send logs.

Contact Microsoft support

After you've uploaded and sent your self-hosted integration runtime logs, contact Microsoft support. In your support request, include the Report ID and Timestamp values that are shown in the confirmation:

Screenshot of the self-hosted integration runtime's diagnostic log confirmation, with Report ID and Timestamp highlighted.

Next steps

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