Invoke stored procedure from copy activity in Azure Data Factory


This article applies to version 1 of Data Factory. If you are using the current version of the Data Factory service, see transform data using stored procedure activity in Data Factory.

When copying data into SQL Server or Azure SQL Database, you can configure the SqlSink in copy activity to invoke a stored procedure. You may want to use the stored procedure to perform any additional processing (merging columns, looking up values, insertion into multiple tables, etc.) is required before inserting data in to the destination table. This feature takes advantage of Table-Valued Parameters.

The following sample shows how to invoke a stored procedure in a SQL Server database from a Data Factory pipeline (copy activity):

Output dataset JSON

In the output dataset JSON, set the type to: SqlServerTable. Set it to AzureSqlTable to use with Azure SQL Database. The value for tableName property must match the name of first parameter of the stored procedure.

  "name": "SqlOutput",
  "properties": {
    "type": "SqlServerTable",
    "linkedServiceName": "SqlLinkedService",
    "typeProperties": {
      "tableName": "Marketing"
    "availability": {
      "frequency": "Hour",
      "interval": 1

SqlSink section in copy activity JSON

Define the SqlSink section in the copy activity JSON as follows. To invoke a stored procedure while inserting data into the sink/destination database, specify values for both SqlWriterStoredProcedureName and SqlWriterTableType properties. For descriptions of these properties, see SqlSink section in the SQL Server connector article.

    "type": "SqlSink",
    "SqlWriterTableType": "MarketingType",
    "SqlWriterStoredProcedureName": "spOverwriteMarketing", 
                    "value": "str1"     

Stored procedure definition

In your database, define the stored procedure with the same name as SqlWriterStoredProcedureName. The stored procedure handles input data from the source data store, and inserts data into a table in the destination database. The name of the first parameter of stored procedure must match the tableName defined in the dataset JSON (Marketing).

CREATE PROCEDURE spOverwriteMarketing @Marketing [dbo].[MarketingType] READONLY, @stringData varchar(256)
    DELETE FROM [dbo].[Marketing] where ProfileID = @stringData
    INSERT [dbo].[Marketing](ProfileID, State)
    SELECT * FROM @Marketing

Table type definition

In your database, define the table type with the same name as SqlWriterTableType. The schema of the table type must match the schema of the input dataset.

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[MarketingType] AS TABLE(
    [ProfileID] [varchar](256) NOT NULL,
    [State] [varchar](256) NOT NULL

Next steps

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