Automatically configure vulnerability assessment for your machines

Defender for Cloud collects data from your machines using agents and extensions. To save you the process of manually installing the extensions, such as the manual installation of the Log Analytics agent, Defender for Cloud reduces management overhead by installing all required extensions on existing and new machines. Learn more monitoring components.

To assess your machines for vulnerabilities, you can use one of the following solutions:

  • Microsoft's threat and vulnerability management module of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (included with Microsoft Defender for Servers)
  • An integrated Qualys agent (included with Microsoft Defender for Servers)
  • A Qualys or Rapid7 scanner which you have licensed separately and configured within Defender for Cloud (this is called the Bring Your Own License, or BYOL, scenario)


To automatically configure a BYOL solution, see Integrate security solutions in Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Automatically enable a vulnerability assessment solution

  1. From Defender for Cloud's menu, open Environment settings.

  2. Select the relevant subscription.

  3. In the Monitoring coverage column of the Defender for Server plan, select Settings.

  4. Turn on the vulnerability assessment for machines and select the relevant solution.


    Defender for Cloud enables the following policy: (Preview) Configure machines to receive a vulnerability assessment provider.

  5. Select Apply and Save.

  6. To view the findings for all supported vulnerability assessment solutions, see the Machines should have vulnerability findings resolved recommendation.

    Learn more in View and remediate findings from vulnerability assessment solutions on your machines.

Next steps

Defender for Cloud also offers vulnerability assessment for your: