Microsoft Defender for IoT

Episode description: In this episode of Defender for Cloud in the Field, Dolev Zemer joins Yuri Diogenes to talk about how Defender for IoT works. Dolev explains the difference between OT Security and IT Security and how Defender for IoT fulfills this gap. Dolev also demonstrates how Defender for IoT discovers devices to monitor and how it fits in the Microsoft Security portfolio.

  • 1:20 - Overview of the Defender for IoT solution

  • 2:15 - Difference between OT and IoT

  • 3:30 - Prerequisites to use Defender for IoT

  • 4:30 - Security posture and threat detection

  • 5:17 - Automating alert response

  • 6:15 - Integration with Microsoft Sentinel

  • 6:50 - Architecture

  • 8:40 - Demonstration

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