New GCP connector in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Episode description: In this episode of Defender for Cloud in the field, Or Serok joins Yuri Diogenes to share the new GCP Connector in Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Or explains the use case scenarios for the new connector and how the new connector works. She demonstrates the onboarding process to connect GCP with Microsoft Defender for Cloud and talks about custom assessment and the CSPM experience for multicloud

  • 1:23 - Overview of the new GCP connector

  • 4:05 - Migration path from the old GCP connector to the new one

  • 5:10 - Type of assessment utilized by the new GCP connector

  • 5:51 - Custom assessments (deprecated)

  • 6:52 - Demonstration

  • 15:05 - Recommendation experience

  • 18:00 - Final considerations

Learn more how to Connect your GCP projects to Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

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