Demystifying Defender for Servers | Defender for Cloud in the field

Episode description: In this episode of Defender for Cloud in the Field, Tom Janetscheck joins Yuri Diogenes to talk about the different deployment options in Defender for Servers. Tom covers the different agents available and the scenarios that will be most used for each agent, including the agentless feature. Tom also talks about the different vulnerability assessment solutions available, and how to deploy Defender for Servers at scale via policy or custom automation.

  • 02:14 - Understanding Defender for Servers P1 and P2
  • 06:15 - Pricing model
  • 07:37 - Integration with MDE
  • 10:08 - Using Defender for Servers P2 without MDE
  • 11:32 - Understanding the different types of agents used by Defender for Servers
  • 17:11 - The case for agentless implementation
  • 22:52 - Deploying Defender for Servers at scale

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