View information per zone

View a device map for a zone

View a Device map for a selected zone on a sensor. This view displays all network elements related to the selected zone, including the sensors, the devices connected to them, and other information.

Screenshot of the zone map.

  • In the Site Management window, select View Zone Map from the bar that contains the zone name.

    Default region to default business unit.

The Device Map window appears. The following tools are available for viewing devices and device information from the map. For details about each of these features, see the Defender for IoT platform user guide.

  • Map zoom views: Simplified View, Connections View, and Detailed View. The displayed map view varies depending on the map's zoom level. You switch between map views by adjusting the zoom levels.

  • Map search and layout tools: Tools used to display varied network segments, devices, device groups, or layers.

    Screenshot of the Search and Layout Tools view.

  • Labels and indicators on devices: For example, the number of devices grouped in a subnet in an IT network. In this example, it's 8.

    Screenshot of labels and indicators.

  • View device properties: For example, the sensor that's monitoring the device and basic device properties. Right-click the device to view the device properties.

    Screenshot of the Device Properties view.

  • Alert associated with a device: Right-click the device to view related alerts.

    Screenshot of the Show Alerts view.

View alerts associated with a zone

To view alerts associated with a specific zone:

  • Select the alert icon from the Zone window.

    The default Business Unit view with examples.

For more information, see Overview: Working with alerts.

View the device inventory of a zone

To view the device inventory associated with a specific zone:

  • Select View Device Inventory from the Zone window.

    The device inventory screen will appear.

For more information, see:

View additional zone information

The following additional zone information is available:

  • Zone details: View the number of devices, alerts, and sensors associated with the zone.

  • Sensor details: View the name, IP address, and version of each sensor assigned to the zone.

  • Connectivity status: If a sensor is disconnected, connect from the sensor. See Connect sensors to the on-premises management console.

  • Update progress: If the connected sensor is being upgraded, upgrade statuses will appear. During the upgrade, the on-premises management console doesn't receive device information from the sensor.

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