Back up and restore the on-premises management console (Legacy)


Defender for IoT now recommends using Microsoft cloud services or existing IT infrastructure for central monitoring and sensor management, and plans to retire the on-premises management console on January 1st, 2025.

For more information, see Deploy hybrid or air-gapped OT sensor management.

Back up and restore your on-premises management console to help protect against hard drive failures and data loss. In this article, learn how to:

  • Define backup and restore settings
  • Run an unscheduled backup via CLI
  • Use an SMB server to save your backup files to an external server
  • Restore the on-premises management console from the latest backup via CLI

Define automated backup and restore settings

The on-premises management console is automatically backed up daily to the /var/cyberx/backups directory. Backup files do not include PCAP or log files, which must be manually backed up if needed.

We recommend that you configure your on-premises management console to automatically transfer backup files to your own, internal network.


Backup files can be used to restore an on-premises management console only if the on-premises management console's current software version is the same as the version in the backup file.

Manually extract a system backup file

This procedure describes how to manually extract an on-premises management console backup file. Exported backup files can't be used by customers to restore an on-premises management console, and are only meant to be sent to customer support for analysis while troubleshooting.

  1. Sign into the on-premises management console as an admin user.

  2. Select System settings > Export.

  3. Under Export Options, select System backup and then select Export.

    The exported file is created, and listed in the Archived Files grid at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click the filename to download your exported file. Make sure to view the OTP (One Time Password) to send it to support with your exported file.

Start an immediate, unscheduled backup via CLI

You may want to create a manual backup file, such as just after updating your OT sensor software.

To run a manual backup from the CLI:

  1. Sign into the on-premises management console as a privileged user via SSH/Telnet.

  2. Run:

    sudo cyberx-management-backup -full

Save your backup file to an external server (SMB)

We recommend saving your on-premises management console sensor backup files on your internal network. To do this, you may want to use an SMB server. For example:

  1. Create a shared folder on the external SMB server, and make sure that you have the folder's path and the credentials required to access the SMB server.

  2. Sign into your on-premises management console via SFTP and create a directory for your backup files. Run:

    sudo mkdir /<backup_folder_name_on_ server>
    sudo chmod 777 /<backup_folder_name_on_c_server>/
  3. Edit the fstab file with details about your backup folder. Run:

    sudo nano /etc/fstab
    add - //<server_IP>/<folder_path> /<backup_folder_name_on_server> cifs rw,credentials=/etc/samba/user,vers=3.0,uid=cyberx,gid=cyberx,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0
  4. Edit and create credentials to share for the SMB server. Run:

    sudo nano /etc/samba/user
  5. Add your credentials as follows:

    username=<user name>
  6. Mount the backup directory. Run:

    sudo mount -a
  7. Configure your backup directory on the SMB server to use the shared file on the OT sensor. Run:

    sudo nano /var/cyberx/properties/`

    Set the backup_directory_path to the folder on your OT sensor where you want to save your backup files.

Restore from the latest backup via CLI

To restore your OT sensor from the latest backup file via CLI:

  1. Sign into the on-premises management console as a privileged user via SSH/Telnet.

  2. Run:

    $ sudo cyberx-management-system-restore -b <file path/file name>

Next steps

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