Use Kanban board controls to enable interface features

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You can quickly switch from the backlog view to the board view using the Backlog and Board links. Use the following icons to enable other user interface features.

Control Function
Backlog Switch to backlog view
Board Switch to Kanban board view
Kanban filter icon Filter by keywords, tags, or fields
Live updates icon Enable live updates
Settings icon Customize the board and configure team settings:
Cards | Card reordering | Columns | Swimlanes | CFD chart | Backlogs | Working days | Working with bugs
full screen icon / exit full screen icon Enter or exit full screen mode

Open keyboard shortcuts

Enter ? to open the Kanban board keyboard shortcuts.

Kanban keyboard shortcuts

Enable live updates

Enable live updates to automatically refresh your Kanban board when changes occur. With live updates enabled, you no longer have to press F5 to see the latest changes.

Choose the view options icon and move the slider for Live updates to On.

Move the slider for Live updates to On.

Choose the Live updates icon.

Kanban board, live updates icon

As one team member updates the status of a work item, other team members will see those updates in real time as they occur.

Live update