Field descriptions for default and work item fields used in process templates

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Use this index to look up a description of each field used to track work items. This reference includes all fields defined within the core system processes/process templates: Basic, Agile, Scrum, and CMMI. The fields and work item types (WITs) available to you depend on the process you chose when you created your project.

To support other tracking needs, you can define your own custom work item fields.

To support other tracking needs, you can define your own custom work item fields using the Inheritance process model, or if your project collection is configured to use the On-premises XML process model, then see Modify or add a custom field.


The Analytics Service doesn't support reporting on plain text and HTML fields.

Alphabetical index

Values in parenthesis indicate the following criteria:

  • System: Core system field assigned to all work item types for all processes
  • Agile: Used only by the Agile process
  • CMMI: Used only by the CMMI process
  • Scrum: Used only by the Scrum process
  • TCM: Used to support Test case management


  1. This field is available from Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server 2020 and later versions.
  2. This field is available for Azure DevOps Services only.

Using the system fields or other fields you added to your project collection, you can enable meaningful cross-project reports and queries. Also, any nonsystem field that is referenced in the workflow or forms section of the work item type definition must have a FIELD element that defines it in the FIELDS section of the work item type definition XML file. Also, you must specify any nonsystem field that you might want to use to generate a query or report in the FIELDS section.

Field reference articles

The following articles describe fields that are used in common by several WITs, or those fields that are functionally specific to just one or a few WITs.

Fields common to many work types

Fields used by specific work item types

Fields used to track CMMI work items