Create an organization

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Use an organization to connect groups of related projects, and help to scale up your enterprise. You can use a personal Microsoft account, GitHub account, or a work or school account. Use your work or school account to automatically connect your organization to your Microsoft Entra ID.


All organizations must be manually created via the web portal. We don't support automated creation of organizations. We do support automated organization configuration, project creation, and resource provisioning via REST API.



Currently, you can only use letters from the English alphabet in your organization name. Start organization names with a letter or number, followed by letters, numbers, or hyphens. Organization names must not contain more than 50 Unicode characters and must end with a letter or number.

Create an organization

  1. Sign in to Azure DevOps.

  2. Select New organization.

    Select New organization

  3. Confirm information, and then select Continue.

    Create your organization in Azure DevOps

    Taking you to your organization notification

    Congratulations, you're an organization owner!

    Sign in to your organization at any time,{yourorganization}.

Create a project collection

A project collection is a container of projects. By grouping projects together, you can manage projects more efficiently and assign the same resources to those projects.

For more information about how to create a project collection, see Create a project collection.

With your organization, the following aspects are included in the free tier:

  • First five users free (Basic license)
  • Azure Pipelines:
    • One Microsoft-hosted CI/CD (one concurrent job, up to 30 hours per month)
    • One self-hosted CI/CD concurrent job
  • Azure Boards: Work item tracking and Kanban boards
  • Azure Repos: Unlimited private Git repos
  • Azure Artifacts: Two GiB free per organization

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