Change your organization's billing subscription

Azure DevOps Services

Learn how to change the Azure subscription that your Azure DevOps organization uses for billing. This adjustment could be necessary if your organization's subscription is linked to a user who's no longer part of the group. In such situations, you might consider transitioning to a shared subscription or eliminating the billing arrangement. You can remove your billing subscription at any time. Migrating between resource groups isn't supported.

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Have the following permissions to change your organization's billing subscription:

Change your billing subscription

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Screenshot showing highlighted Organization settings button.

  3. Select Billing > Change billing. If you don't see the Change billing button, you don't have the right permissions for access.

    Screenshot showing highlighted Billing and Change billing buttons.

  4. Choose your Azure subscription, and then select Save.

    Screenshot showing Azure subscription selection.

Azure DevOps bills the newly saved subscription for your organization.

Remove your billing subscription


  • When you remove the billing subscription from your organization, any paid quantities of Basic, Azure Artifacts users, Azure Test Plans users, Microsoft-hosted CI/CD, and self-hosted CI/CD go back to the free tier of service immediately.
  • If you delete your organization resource in the Azure Portal, do so after you change the billing subscription in Azure DevOps and not before, to avoid your organization reverting to the free tier of service. For more information, see Billing FAQs.
  • When billing gets canceled or changed, a resource group gets left behind in the old Azure subscription. It's safe to delete these resource groups if empty. These resource groups take the naming format, VisualStudioOnline-<DEVOPS-ORG-HOSTID-WITHOUT-DASHES>.
  1. Sign in to your organization, choose gear icon Organization settings > Billing, and then Change billing, following steps 1 through 4 provided in the Change the subscription section.

  2. Choose Remove billing, and then choose Save.

Azure DevOps removes your billing subscription from your organization.

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