Save project data

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When you delete a project, you can't recover its data later. So, you should save project data.

You can use the following procedures to save data that users most care about, such as source code, build data, and work items.

  • Source code and custom build templates: You can download your files as a zip file. Open Repository actions actions for the repository, file, or folder and choose Download as Zip. You can also Download from the right side of the screen to download either all of the files in the currently selected folder, or the currently selected file.

    Download code

    This process doesn't save any change history or links to other artifacts.

    If you use Git, clone your repositories to retain the full project history and all the branches.

  • Build data: To save logs and data in your drop build folders, see View build results.

  • Work item tracking data: Create a work item query and open it using Excel. Save the Excel spreadsheet.

    This process doesn't save any attachments, change history, or links to other artifacts.

To learn more about how we manage and protect your data, read our Data Protection Overview.

You can easily save data stored for a project collection by making a backup of the database. You can also use the previously mentioned steps.