Select backlog navigation levels for your team

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Each team has the flexibility to choose their preferred backlog levels. Feature teams may focus on their product backlog, while management teams may only display feature and epic backlogs (the default portfolio backlogs). You can configure backlog levels through team settings.

If you need more portfolio backlogs, see the following articles based on the process model you use:

For an overview of process models, see Customize your work tracking experience.


To configure team settings, you must be added to the Team Administrator role or be a member of the Project Administrators security group. To get added, see Add a team administrator or Change project-level permissions.

Set your team's preferences for backlog levels

This setting impacts the backlog and board views for all team members. You can modify the setting from either the backlog or board view. In this article, we show you from the board view.

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Choose Boards, and then open your Kanban board.

  3. Select Configure team settings .

    Open board settings for a team, vert nav

  4. Choose Backlogs and check the boxes of those backlog levels you want your team to manage.

    Team settings dialog, Backlogs tab

  5. When you're done with your changes, choose Save and close.

  6. To see the changes, open or refresh your team's backlog.