Change a project from Hosted XML to an inherited process

Azure DevOps Services

Once you've cloned your Hosted XML process to an inherited process, you can change the project(s) from the Hosted XML process to the inherited process. You change a project from a Hosted XML process to its derived inherited process to start customizing the process through the user interface.


Choosing to clone a project from a Hosted XML process model to an inherited process is an irreversible operation. Before you change the process of an existing project from Hosted XML to the cloned inherited process, review Supported operations when moving from Hosted XML process to inherited process to understand which customizations are preserved and which are not before you change the process of a project from Hosted XML to an inherited process. Also, create a test project to verify the customizations preserved or reapplied to a process.


  • You must be a member of the Project Administrators group for the project you want to change, or a member of the Project Collection Administrators group.

Open Settings>Process

You create, manage, and make customizations to processes from Organization settings>Process.

  1. Choose the Azure DevOps logo to open Projects. Then choose Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  2. Then, choose Process.

    Organization Settings, Process page


    If you don't see Process, then you're working from TFS-2018 or earlier version. The Process page isn't supported. You must use the features supported for the On-premises XML process model.

Change the project process to an inherited process

After you've verified your customizations, you can now apply the inherited process to your existing project.

  1. From Process, choose the original Hosted XML process, then choose the Projects page.

    Open inherited process, Projects page

  2. Open the … context menu for the project and choose the Change process… option.

    Here we open the menu for the Fabrikam Test project.

    Fabrikam Test project context menu, Choose Change process

  3. Choose the inherited process that you created. The system lists only those processes that are valid for the selected project.

    Change process to an inherited process dialog

  4. Choose Ok.