DockerInstaller@0 - Docker CLI installer v0 task

Install the Docker CLI on an agent machine.


# Docker CLI installer v0
# Install Docker CLI on agent machine.
- task: DockerInstaller@0
    dockerVersion: '17.09.0-ce' # string. Required. Docker Version. Default: 17.09.0-ce.
    #releaseType: 'stable' # 'stable' | 'edge' | 'test' | 'nightly'. Release type. Default: stable.


dockerVersion - Docker Version
string. Required. Default value: 17.09.0-ce.

Specifies the version of the Docker CLI to install.

releaseType - Release type
string. Allowed values: stable, edge, test, nightly. Default value: stable.

Specifies the release type to install. The value nightly is not supported on Windows.

Task control options

All tasks have control options in addition to their task inputs. For more information, see Control options and common task properties.

Output variables



Use this task to install a specific version of the Docker CLI on the agent machine.


This YAML example installs the Docker CLI on the agent machine:

- task: DockerInstaller@0
  displayName: Docker Installer
    dockerVersion: 17.09.0-ce
    releaseType: stable


Requirement Description
Pipeline types YAML, Classic build, Classic release
Runs on Agent, DeploymentGroup
Demands None
Capabilities Running this task satisfies the following demands for any subsequent tasks in the same job: Docker
Command restrictions Any
Settable variables Any
Agent version 2.142.1 or greater
Task category Tool